Kaitlyn Russell, editorial producer at DailyWorth

I do my best writing in the evening at home, usually with some background music playing so that my mind stays focused on the words and not external distractions. I try to work about one to three hours, but that can vary depending on what project I'm working on.

I compile my research in a Google Doc in bullet points or quick links and then go from there to fill in the pieces, but because I'm Type-A, I only like to have a few tabs open per project. Once I get a draft done, I stop because I know I need fresh eyes on it, usually the next day or a few hours later. That's when I start editing my work, which involves making the work more concise, fact-checking, and making sure the voice fits where the story is going. If the article needs visuals, I look at free online stock photo sites.

Kaitlyn Russell is an editorial producer for DailyWorth. Her writing has appeared in The Muse, USA TODAY, Forbes, Mashable, Seventeen Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and more.

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