Jennifer Aldrich, UX & Content Strategist for InVision

When a topic idea strikes me, I scribble it down on a notepad. As soon as I have time, the same day or night I hop into Medium and work out a fast draft before the idea escapes. As soon as I’m done with the draft, I grab some post-its and a sharpie and doodle a quick cartoon to go along with the post. Then I scan back through the article, do quick edits, and publish it. 

I occasionally make edits after publishing, which many writers frown upon, but cranking through the whole piece in one day from start to publish is the best process for me. If I go through the post over and over again to check for edits/make changes prior to publishing, I wind up never posting it. 

My process is to get the piece out of my head as quickly as possible, and then get it on the web as fast as I can afterward so that I don’t overthink it.

When I’m writing for publications other than my personal blog, I follow the same initial process, but instead of clicking publish I send the draft along to the appropriate editor. We pass back and forth until all of the edits they request are complete, and then they publish it. 

Jennifer Aldrich is a UX & Content Strategist for InVision. 

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Kaitlyn Russell, editorial producer at DailyWorth